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CyberSafe Limited ("CyberSafe") acknowledges the importance of protecting the privacy of its Website visitors. The information we collect is used to improve the services we offer, to improve our Website's content, and, with your permission, to contact you with updates to our Website or other marketing information. However, CyberSafe will not share any information obtained on this site with any other company or sell information obtained on this site to any company or marketing group external to CyberSafe.

Certain areas of this Website, require registration or a password for access. Information obtained from registered users of these areas may also be used for CyberSafe marketing purposes, and cookies may be used in those and other areas, as is described in this policy.

For more information on this Privacy Policy, please read these frequently asked questions:

  1. What information is captured from visitors to this Website?
  2. The CyberSafe Website uses Google Analytics to help analyse how visitors use this site. Google Analytics captures details such as: which web page(s) are visited, date and time of visit, referrer address (location on Internet from where a visitor comes from to visit the CyberSafe Website), type of Internet browser used, and visitor's IP address. The information captured by Google Analytics does not include a visitor's Email address.

    This Website also uses a Marketo Munchkin tracking cookie, which allows CyberSafe to track repeated visits to the Website, and link each visit to the information voluntarily provided by the visitor. For example, if the visitor is asked to provide us with their name, company name and Email address, we will know the identity of the visitor when they visit the Website at a later date, or when we send them Emails and they click on links in the Email.

  3. Is personal information requested?
  4. Where your name, address, Email address, etc. are requested, this information is collected to help us further develop our services, and to provide you access to our valuable CyberSafe Internet-based information and services. The information provided is entirely voluntary, and only given to us when the visitor is happy to provide this information.

  5. How is the information used?
  6. The information helps us identify the type of Website content our customers value most. We then use this information to improve the Website. We may also use this information to send you Email notifications about updates to the Website, to contact you for marketing purposes and to send out our newsletter. None of the information collected is shared with organisations external to CyberSafe. If, at any time, you wish to be removed from our database please contact us and this will be done immediately.

  7. What happens when I leave this Website, to visit a linked site?
  8. On the CyberSafe Website there are links to some external Website's. When you visit one of these sites from within the CyberSafe Website, the only information transferred to the third party is the fact that you came from (the referrer address). This practice allows the third party to monitor its own Website traffic, but does not provide them with any information about you. CyberSafe is not responsible or liable for the independent privacy policies of any third party sites. You should consult the privacy policies at those sites to determine how your information may be used.

  9. Are cookies used?
  10. Cookies are used to provide CyberSafe with the capability to personalize information for certain segments of its customer base.

  11. What is a cookie?
  12. A cookie is a series of data characters that, when programmed into a Website, is placed by the Website into the browser's application folder on your computer. Once placed onto your computer, the cookie will allow the Website to "recognise" you as a unique individual.

  13. Can cookies be removed from my hard drive?
  14. Yes, cookies can be removed from your hard drive. Also, depending on what type of web browser and what browser version you are using, you may be able to change the configuration so that cookies are not used or saved. Please check with your browser documentation for more information on removing cookies, and/or changing the way that cookies are used.

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